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Este potente cóctel de ingredientes activos de origen natural proporciona un cuidado altamente eficaz para el tratamiento de la celulitis ayudando a la reducción de la grasa localizada. AMPOULES CELLUX 801 actúa en sinergia para mejorar las imperfecciones de la celulitis reduciendo el grosor del tejido adiposo y mejorando la microcirculación reduciendo el edema tisular. Gracias a su composición específica a base de cafeína, capsaicina y extracto de raíz de Coltus, combinada con el método único de encapsulación en un soporte niosomal elástico, CELLUX 801 desencadena una fuerte estimulación lipolítica que actúa en dos niveles de actividad de la lipasa de triglicéridos. Acción diurética y antiedematosa intensa para reducir la hinchazón y la congestión, acción proteolítica para ayudar a descomponer las formas fibrosas de la celulitis, acción lipolítica para potenciar la descomposición de las grasas, acción hidratante, reafirmante y tonificante.

Formato Caja 10 ml x 5 Unidades


The active ingredients of this powerful cocktail form an innovative combination of different natural active ingredients for greater anti-cellulite and slimming effectiveness.

Its active ingredients offer intense diuretic and anti-oedema action to reduce swelling and congestion, proteolytic action to help break down fibrous forms of cellulite, lipolytic action to enhance the breakdown of fat, moisturising, firming and toning action.

CAPSAICIN (active ingredient of chilli peppers)

Provides a vasodilator effect and activates microcirculation, thus activating two important mechanisms in the skin to visibly reduce cellulite and body circumference.

BRASSICA ALBA (Spicy Mustard)

Provides a vasodilator and microcirculation activating effect. Mustard extract has been shown to stimulate the conversion of fat-storing cells into fat-burning cells.


Stimulates the enzyme adenylate cyclase, increasing cAMP levels and enhancing lipolysis. This ingredient, widely known for its powerful fat-burning effect, comes from a tropical perennial plant that produces forskolin, an extract useful for pharmaceutical preparations and cell biology research.

B-ESCIN (Horse chestnut active ingredient)

Reduces oedema and improves hyaluronic acid synthesis for smooth skin texture. Phlebotonic, a phytotherapeutic extracted from the plant Aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut) with anti-oedematous activity.


Reactivates blood circulation, reduces the capacity of adipose tissue to accumulate fat and accelerates its degradation process. A great ally in the treatment of cellulite and orange peel skin. It also combats the harmful effects of UV radiation, maintaining the youthfulness of the dermal tissues and preventing the formation of premature wrinkles.


The most powerful antioxidant, it is found naturally in the skin, where it helps defend against the visible effects of environmental damage. Glutathione is a tripeptide composed of three amino acids (cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine), which act in unison to provide skin-restoring and brightening benefits.


Format Box 10 ml x 5 Units


Shake before use. For an intensive treatment, apply the amount of one vial daily, on clean skin in areas with cellulite. Spread with circular massages until completely absorbed, which will enhance the effectiveness of the active ingredients. It can also be used as a maintenance treatment, mixing a few drops of the concentrate with the powerful anti-cellulite cream 842 Rose Quartz Body Cream.

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