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Aterciopelada y delicadamente perfumada. Si le gusta la textura cremosa, esta es su leche. Disuelve el maquillaje de forma eficaz y respeta el equilibrio de todo tipo de pieles. Enriquecido con extracto de Cola de Caballo y Tojo Europeo, proporciona una sensación de confort inmediata. Día tras día, la piel se libera de las impurezas, está flexible, suave y confortable.

200 mL.

Effectively removes make-up while preserving the skin's balance. It also frees the skin from impurities and pollutants. It envelops the skin with a creamy texture, leaving the skin perfectly cleansed, soft and velvety. 


Revitalising, remineralising, improves cellular cohesion, source of minerals and trace elements.

HORSE TAIL (equisatum arvense)

Stimulates collagen synthesis and purifies the skin in depth, this plant contains high amounts of silicon that help to heal the connective tissue that forms the skin, it is also an excellent ally to cleanse it and leave it free of harmful toxins.

GORSE WATER G (European Gorse)

Symbol of renewal, promotes the release of beta-en- dorphins which have relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties.


High in Vitamin A, E, C, B1 and B2, with exceptional regenerative and healing properties.


Reduces sensitivity, moisturises, soothes the skin and improves its regenerative capacity.


Protects the skin and at the same time softens it and gives it elasticity.

Apply morning and evening to the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, massaging gently. Follow with the appropriate products for the subsequent steps of the SOFIA BERTRAND treatment.

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